FlexyLIFT for Residential Buildings

FlexyLIFT for Residential Buildings
FlexyLIFT indirect acting hydraulic lift is ideal for existing or new residential buildings that have pit and headroom limitations. The option of a small cabinet for the power unit and controller enables installation in shafts with or without a machine room.

FlexyLIFT is a cost-effective, eco-friendly and versatile lift solution that can be adapted to fit specific shaft dimensions and machine room requirements. Offering a rated load capability of 180–1000kg, almost no pit depth requirements and a minimum headroom of 2600mm, FlexyLIFT is the perfect solution for lift modernisation in low and mid-rise buildings.


Οutstanding ride quality
FlexyLIFT is designed to deliver both premium quality construction and exceptional ride comfort. Low noise levels and minimal vibrations ensure a smooth and pleasant passenger experience.
Feel safe and secure with the guarantee of complete passenger safety.
Ease of installation
Designed for ease of installation and use, reliability and spatial efficiency.
Regeneration systems are available, providing exceptional ride quality whilst reducing energy usage by up to 60%.
Unique tailor-made design options are customised according to your specific needs, creating a product that perfectly fits your space and requirements.
Fast delivery
Place your order and enjoy prompt delivery.
EC Type Examination Certificate according to Lift Directives 95/16/EC and 2014/33/EU.


Model FlexyLIFT
Rated Load (Kg) 180-1000
Machine Room MR-MRL
Max Travel (m) 25
Max Number of Stops9
Max Speed (m/s) 0,74
Min Pit Depth (mm) 300 (MR) 800 (MRL)
Min Headroom (mm) 2600
Complies with Lift Directives 95/16/EC & 2014/33/EU