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Settings - Installations


Anelkisis has been installing elevators since 1996. It has installed elevators in the largest public buildings in Thessaloniki. Anelkisi's goals in the new lift installations are as follows.

We strive to provide building developers in Thessaloniki and Florina with the best and most up-to-date, quality and safety products available in the elevator market at good prices so as not to burden their budget but also to convince subsequent users that the manufacturer used excellent and branded materials and a very good workshop for mounting the elevator.

We facilitate the building developer, if he wishes, at the time of construction of the building, making a quick delivery of the elevator - elevator operation, to facilitate other workshops using the elevator.

During the installation of a lift we use all the necessary measures for the safety of our employees, scaffolding, personal protective measures etc., with proprietary means at no cost to the manufacturer.

All of our lifts are delivered ready-to-use by end-users and are provided with all the necessary documentation and certifications to issue a license.

Finally, Anelkisis monitors the elevator, maintaining it, ensuring its long and good operation.


INSTALLATION - REPAIR LIFT LIFT IN OLD RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS Anelkisis has been installing and repairing elevators since 1996. He has been repairing elevators in many apartment buildings in Thessaloniki and Florina. Our goals in repairing old elevators are as follows.

Our workshops always work with safety first. All work is carried out in accordance with applicable state regulations, national and European standards, terms and requirements of relevant legislation, technical descriptions, technical specifications of certification bodies, design plans and art rules.

We try to repair or refurbish parts or the entire old lift depending on what the lift needs in each case, at low prices with easy payment and in a short period of time. The cost is calculated by contacting the client and studying the project.