ANELKISIS - Atlas Basic for Residential Buildings

Atlas Basic for residential buildings

Atlas Basic is a highly economical traction MRL solution for residential buildings. Serving rated loads of 375–1000kg, Atlas Basic is designed to offer both reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and value for money.
Featuring KLEEMANN’s premium quality gearless motor, 2:1 suspension and speeds of up to 1.6m/s, Atlas Basic is equipped with a state-of-the-art inverter that minimises sound and ensures both outstanding ride quality and exceptionally low energy consumption.


Mix & match design
Mix & match all available materials offered by KLEEMANN standard range or create a product featuring your own floor and wall finishes that perfectly fits your space and meets your requirements.
Stopping accuracy
Due to its gearless motor and state-of-the-art inverter, Atlas Basic offers excellent stopping accuracy that does not exceed 2mm while the ride quality exceeds all quality standards (measurements based on ISO 18738).
Low noise levels
Gearless motor and state-of-the-art inverter combined with innovative design guarantees remarkably low noise levels inside and outside the cabin. The noise level inside the cabin (measured according to ISO 18738) during the lift operation reaches 52-54 dB (A).
Emergency evacuation
In the unlikely event of power failure, the emergency evacuation system ensures the safe transportation of passengers to the nearest floor where the doors automatically open as to allow the car exit.
Atlas Basic has been designed according to the Eco design principles (ISO 14006) and holds an Environmental Product Declaration in compliance with ISO 14025.
Scaffoldless installation
KLEEMANN has developed a cost saving scaffoldless method to install the Atlas Basic with minimum assistance from the builder.
Fast delivery
KLEEMANN provides record fast delivery for standard orders.

Model Atlas Basic
Rated Load (Kg) 375-1000
Machine Room MRL (MR)
Max Travel (m) 45
Max Number of Stops16
Max Speed (m/s) 1,6
Min Pit Depth (mm) v≤1.0 m/s 1100 - v=1.6 m/s 1250
Min Headroom (mm) v≤1.0 m/s 3400 - v≤1.6 m/s 3600
Complies with Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU